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A fitness fanatic who ate 10,000 calories a day and drank eight cans of energy drink to bulk up, died of liver cancer caused by ‘misusing’ steroids for years.

Dean Wharmby, 39, from Rochdale, died on July 19 as a ‘direct cause’ of taking steroids, an inquest heard. He had been battling liver cancer for five and a half years.

The inquest heard that Dean was obsessed with gaining size in order to get the perfect bodybuilder’s physique.

His daily diet included burgers, pizzas and bacon sandwiches, along with seven to eight cans of energy drink. The dad of one also took anabolic steroids to help sculpt his muscles.

Speaking at his inquest, coroner Lisa Hashmi said that Dean’s death should act as a reminder to people of the dangers of using steroids.

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