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By Sypher187
Took this from another forum.

Bostin "Been getting alot of people emailing me this.... asking if this is really what Big Ramy is taking for his 2015 offseason cycle... obviously this kind of info would never be disclosed BUT whoever made this up probably isnt to to far off..... i know personally from a inside source how much top pros in the late 90s were using n it blew my mind(found it out abt a year ago)... in this cycle the GH is crucial... if u ask yourself how can these top pros travel every weekend eat shitty good n continue to grow and stay lean high doses of pharm gh is ur ****in answer... as of now im taking 20 iu of Chinese generic on top of my peptides and i cant tell the biggest difference in the world with my body composition... post show im going to finally invest in some high quality pharm gh just for a few months to compare strength to the kefei blue tops im using... and ill keep everyone updated.. even tho these are my last shows i will continue to do what i love n educate others... just taking less of a aggressive approach... 2.5 weeks out im already sick of all my steroid shots n gh before every meal injections.... to be the best of the best competitive bodybuilding is truly a disgusting hobby.. and very expensive with no real return... and guys im not saying all pros take these insane amounts.. i know a few pros that i personally run way more then.. but to be 340 lbs lean at like 5'8 the guy is def pushing the doses..."
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By Bigfitness
I don't think that cycle is real. I think it was just made up by someone. Probably to try to explain how Ramy got so big. I don't think Ramy would divulge what he was taking especially when he is competing in the Mr. Olympia contest.

Taking 5 gr. of test. will give him a good case of gyno. Taking deca and eq together doesn't make much sense and taking 2 orals together is not recommended by the experts. 36 Iu's of HGH will give him a distended belly comparable to Colemans.

Someone is always trying to find out what these pros take and if they can't, they just make up a cycle they think would build muscle that size.
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By Sypher187
Yea no I have the same though, hence why I chose the word "Supposedly" I also think it is complete BS, but post worthy non the less ;)
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By Rolan
I saw this on Mark Lobliner's youtube channel.

5g of test? That's like 5 shots a day for that cycle.

EDIT: Mark had a good point in his video. Genetics play a role. So two people can take the same dose of stuff and one might not get any results and the other might make a lot of progress. His point was, you don't need a ton of gear to progress. I would bet that the top guys that have been in the sport for a while don't take as much as people think.

If they've been at it for a while, its probably a given that they don't use tons of supplements.
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